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Using Google Trends to improve your blogs

Google Trends is an openly available web service. It helps to determine how often a particular keyword is searched as compared to the total search volume. It enables you to analyse the search data for different parts of the world, in different languages and shows trends in graphical form.

Bloggers can use Google Trends to run multiple SEO tasks. They can do keyword research, keyword comparison, niche search, looking up competitors, finding content, and link building.

Google Trends is quite simple and logical. You just open its URL – – in your browser and start by supplying a search term or topic in the query box. It comes with multiple options on screen, so you can search by country and compare similar search terms.

You can also narrow down your search further by grouping specific keywords to find out the niche of your choice. Also, you can analyse the top/rising topics and queries before finalising your keyword selection.

So, how does this help improve SEO for your blog?

Once you’ve identified the best search terms for your blog’s topic, you can incorporate those words into your text and make the highest ranked term as your keyword or keyphrase.

The Yoast SEO tool, which is built into all of our websites, lets you fine-tune the SEO and readability further.

All of these efforts should result in driving more traffic to your blog. In the end, all of us must thank Google for creating such a tool, which is also free. It’ll assist in keeping your blog alive and make your blog posts more realistic. If you haven’t been using this tool for SEO purposes, then you must give it a try.

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