Our Code of Ethics

1. General

1.1    i23 Design Ltd is an ethical member of Business against Poverty and self regulates the code of ethics as set out below, which is available to all the stakeholders of our business. Our membership fees help fund the charitable objectives of our preferred charity, People against Poverty representing our commitment to good Business Social Responsibility and reflects our values.

1.2    We expect all employees and those in our supply chain to abide by our ethical values.

1.3    All employees and those in the supply chain should show due respect for each other and should do nothing to damage reputation of our business or to each other.

2. Our commitment to Our Customers

2.1    All members of our organisation will treat our customers and suppliers fairly, openly and honestly.

2.2    We aspire and commit to achieving the highest standard of service.

2.3    When we fall short of our aspirations to high standards of service we commit to respond speedily, honestly and effectively with issues that may arise.

3. Our commitment to Our Employees

3.1    To provide fair pay and where appropriate training and opportunities for personal development.

3.2    We will be intolerant of discrimination, harassment or victimisation. We recognise diversity in recruitment and all dealings with employees.

3.3    We commit to creating a favourable employee relations environment where the involvement of all employees is encouraged.

3.4    We will provide a clean, healthy and safe work environment, taking every reasonable precaution to avoid injury to colleagues and members of the public.

3.5    We prohibit the use of exploitive labour practices.

4. Dealings with Suppliers of Goods and Services

4.1    We commit to maintain the highest possible standards of integrity in business relationships with our suppliers.

4.2    We will pursue and encourage the use of suppliers who operate with values and standards equivalent to our own.

4.3    We will be fair and reasonable with all our creditors and debtors.

5. Dealings with Communities

5.1    We actively encourage employees to participate in projects and initiatives to strengthen the social and economic well being of the communities where we work.

5.2    We will work at all times to minimise any adverse environmental impact of our business operations.

5.3    We ensure that our conduct and activities, as far as possible, will be in a manner sensitive to the cultural and social traditions of the communities which we work in and impact.

6. The Not so Small Print

6.1    Business against Poverty has no formal trading links with us and does not hold any liability whatsoever for any legal issues arising from our business dealings.

6.2    The use of the ethical logo, material and declarations of our ethical stance is strictly in accordance with our values, intentions and the guidelines of Business against Poverty.

7. Falling Short

7.1    We anticipate within normal probability that our standards may unintentionally fall short of our declaration. When this happens we commit to act responsibly and rectify our processes to regain the highest level of integrity of our declaration.