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Consider a Landing Page to support your Marketing

In digital marketing, a landing page is a page specifically designed to make a visitor convert. Whether it’s signing up for an event, subscribing to a newsletter, or donating money to a charity; a landing page aims to do just that. It’s completely focused on a single action and will increase the chance of a conversion. These types of pages should form part of your marketing campaign.

How does a landing page work?

Imagine getting an email from a local venue announcing a concert of your favourite band. You’re excited to get tickets! You click on a link and end up on the homepage of the venue. You start looking for the concert. When was it again? Maybe better use the search bar? Oh wait, a banner showing another awesome concert as well…

The internet is full of distractions and landing pages get rid of them. In the above example, if you landed on a page purely focused on this concert, providing the necessary details and an eye-catching call-to-action, you probably would have purchased the tickets already.

If people click on a campaign link in your newsletter or social media post, you’ve already somehow sparked their interest in your event, charity or, whatever you’re promoting. As they’ve been exposed to the content they’ve clicked on, they probably already have a bit of context on the topic. That’s why they’re likely to be further in a user journey as someone landing on your site from an informational search query in Google. This means chances of conversion (subscribing, getting tickets, or buying something) are higher. So it makes sense to focus on the action of the user. Now you just have to make sure to make this action as easy as possible!

How to optimise landing pages?

When you create a landing page for marketing purposes you first have to decide what you’d want people to do on that page. This shouldn’t be too hard if you have a clear goal for your campaign. In the example above, that would be selling tickets for that concert. If you know your goal, you can start optimising the page for the target group and add all essential elements that should be on the page.


In digital marketing, a landing page is a page designed to trigger a specific action of the user. It’s often created as part of a campaign and aimed at conversion: the page should convince the visitor to subscribe, participate or buy something. Therefore it’s very focused. It’s not to be confused with landing pages in Google Analytics, which is a list of pages people land on from external sources. Depending on the goal of the page you can try to optimise the page for search engines too, but sometimes it’s better to keep it solely focused on conversion. Whatever you do, think about the goal of your page first!

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